Little-known Places to See in Arizona. For Arizonans

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We have recently written a sort of a guide about things to do and see in Arizona, that don’t include the Grand Canyon. While the article was directed more towards Arizona tourists that perhaps were looking for places to see, today I would like to mention few places and activities that even Arizonans don’t visit enough.

Castle Dome Mine Museum

If you’re interested in history and the building of America, Castle Dome is a must-see. Today it is a museum created to remember an old mining town. The museum has been open since 1994. Worth to note that the owners did well to preserve the spirit of the town from the 1800s. The buildings stand virtually unchanged since the day their were built.


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Amerind Museum

Then Amerind Museum and research center was founded in 1937 by an archeologist, William Shirley Fulton. It is located in Dragoon, next to Tucson, Arizona. If you still haven’t visited the Amerind Museum, you are missing out. You don’t even have to be interested in history to come see this place. It’s breathtaking. And I know I said no Grand Canyon. And it is not. Amerind, despite its location, is focused on preserving the history and culture of Native Americans.

BlueWater Casino

BlueWater Resort and Casino is where Arizonans should come again and again. As far as the resort itself, it is everything you could expect and more. More importantly, they have one of the largest selection of games, including a fast-growing open face Chinese poker that you can learn more about here.


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Keepers of The Wild Natural Park

If you prefer outdoors to relaxing in a in-house pool of a resort, an often missed spot in Arizona is the Keepers of the Wild Natural Park. This is a huge open air zoo/animal preservation resort. What makes it special is that it is a sanctuary for rescued, exotic animals.

Keep in mind, they are rather active on YouTube. If you’re interested is seeing videos of lions, tigers, grizzly beers and interviews from the staff at Keepers of the Wild Natural Park, make sure to check out their YouTube channel.

Arizona is a gift that keeps on giving. Perhaps every state has its own big tourist attractions as well a range of lesser-known gems but in Arizona it feels multiplied. It’s historic as well as modern, suitable for adrenaline junkies as well as someone who is looking to relax.

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