Arizona – many great things besides the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is amazing. But there is more to see in Arizona

Maybe right now you are exploring the endless Web for places to visit in and around Arizona, maybe you are simply trying to learn something new. Whichever is the case, I want to assure you that Arizona has plenty to offer for fellow Americans as well as tourists from around the world.

Most of you may know Arizona only for the National Grand Canyon Park. It’s hard to argue that in Arizona you may find a more inspiring, more beautiful and more famous place. But if we were to talk about the holder of the second place, we have a bunch of contenders.

Arizona Coyotes

Sports teams, arenas, events are always high up the list of places to visit. As primary examples, Madison Square Garden comes to mind as well as Camp Nou (Barcelona FC home stadium). I think the home stadium really gives away a good vibe of the local community. Probably as much as bars and pubs.

Arizona Casino

At first it may sound counter intuitive. How can Arizona’s casinos compete when one of its neighbouring states is California while the other one is Nevada? But the truth is that Arizona has outstanding quality of services, lots of free spins casino packages and much, much more. Personally, I think this is the case exactly because it has Nevada by its side. The casinos have to try extra hard to keep Arizonans as well as guests of the state here instead of leaving to its competitors.

For example, let’s take Arizona Casino, the largest casino in the state located in Scottsdale, right next to the Fort Apache Reservation. It occupies a total of 100,000 square feet and includes almost a 1000 slots machines, 50 blackjack tables, a concert hall and more while the staff of the casino are going out of their way to help serve the needs of the customers.


Route 66

Sometimes I wonder, does anyone in the world not know Route 66? Hopefully, this does not sound like it is coming from the ego of an American, because it is not. But just like free spins casino offers and Grand Canyon, Route 66 is absolutely free. But perhaps even more than the Grand Canyon, Route 66 has appeared in movies, cartoons, references, etc.

So, despite the fact that Arizona has only a small part of the Route 66, I think it can safely qualify as a contender for the second most famous place in Arizona.


I will not say that this is a complete list. As the 6th largest state in the U.S., Arizona has a million of spectacular things and places to show its guests. Even if you are flat out broke, Arizona will be one of the best states for you to visit, not only because of the southern hospitality, but also its potential to make unforgettable memories.

Which leaves you. Let me know which place in your opinion should be the second most popular in Arizona?

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